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Dan Abernathy.....

Welcome to the chaotic and often strange life of a Quasi, Spiritual Warrior, Dan Abernathy: an outlaw poet, artist, and purveyor of words, Reiki Master, a minister, junk yard philosopher and a vagabond searching for a purely hedonistic meaning for the way of life. While making this visible, he practices the therapeutic healing of one, living in the now among the mountains, deserts, oceans, and in the bus, without any certificate of social approval. Dan is a healer and an explorer of a higher conciseness as he walks his path softly with the hope of leaving compassion as his only footprint. He truly believes that there is so much good in the world, and where needed, he will use his own two hands to heal and change the world that he touches.


Dan is the creator of the Essential Way, which was born from his lifestyle of living and influenced form many spiritual sources. His spiritual beliefs have been minimalized and even separated from the norm, but with this simplification, it was purified into, The Essential Way. This has not only developed into a tremendous healing and compassionate Reiki session but it has brought to the light, The Seven Elements of the Essential Way.

Dan, is known for his jewelry, art, photography, writing and as a vagabond who walks in dreams of a pure hedonistic life. This Renaissance man is also a poet, with some of the most illogical views and inspirations seen, or heard. His voice, be it in his words or his art, is a collection of oddities, fascinations, desires, and obsessions – a road map of sorts, tracking the life of a man that can’t and won’t fit in, but has chosen to wear his life on his sleeve for others to wonder about. He makes available all his perspectives frozen in frames as well as his fluid random thoughts, often meandering and incomplete, rants, praise, love, words of meaning and words of to much meaning.”


When it comes to Dan’s jewelry he is truly inspired from thoughts of a seemingly higher dimension. Chaos Creations is a jewelry collection of artistic creations created completely by his hands. Formed from his ideas and visions, this one-of-a-kind, handmade jewelry is created from recycled and reclaimed copper, combined with crystals, stones, antique or vintage objects, which enhances the unique flair. This is flaunting jewelry that is truly unique and sought by many but replicated by none, which brings to life the catch phrase, “the metaphysical colliding with steampunk, exploding into wearable art.


Since 1980, Abernathy’s home base has been Pinedale, Wyoming, but he is most comfortable when he is on the road, here stateside this vagabond moves from one place to another in a 32 foot converted school bus, dubbed the Chool Bus, but for only part of the year. His visual life expands and evolves as he travels the globe on alert for new sights to capture and experience. Abernathy’s devotion to his art, writing and travel continues to lead him all over the world to compose and share. For, “what best describes an artist is the same thing which describes an adventurer,” he writes. “The longing for something intense, grand, revolutionary, new horizons with different natural laws.”


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